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In 2006 my then girlfriend, Kate, and I spent a few months of traveling through Central America. In the middle of October we xxxblackbook are in the islands of Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean coast of Panama. We had been with a group of three girls on the road and when they reached the island was made, which parted with a very nice house for a week. We had a great time, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving and, at night to celebrate. After five days, the girls had xxxblackbook to leave and my girlfriend and I stayed with the house to ourselves for a few days. A beginning of our stay there, Kate and I together in an internet cafe. While there, a good -looking black guy started chatting with her, obviously interested in and not knowing who was with me when I'm behind them. Turns out he was called George and asked if I would be on Saturday night. He said most of those who will most likely sink Boof cases. He xxxblackbook said that would otherwise bar, when he thought of meeting him. He said with a sly smile, to see him there. When we asked him xxxblackbook about his conversation, his ribs about it. She told me to stop, silly, but I always said I knew he was talking to her, and I bet she believed him. She denied it and he laughed and said stop. That night we were in bed and get me to put the issue of George, which had before hypothetically. I asked her to imagine that George is the one that has its hands all over her body, xxxblackbook pinching her nipples with her ​​hands on her buttocks and between her legs, sliding his thick black fingers into her tight pussy. She complained loudly and was soaked as I put the stage with her. We have worked hard to keep up with my team until he had a massive orgasm and filled her tight wet xxxblackbook pussy fucked. costume, as he had done when I spoke with her and finally becamemind like George admitted that he and the very idea of ​​black power. the evening, the other girls on the left that goes through two events together : the birthday of a man from another xxxblackbook group that we had known, to which were invited and the night that George had asked Kate, which to comply. So they xxxblackbook devised a plan for him and Kate. I feigned illness and while she went out on his own and met with George and the birthday party. After some persuasion, agreed. I asked him why he was willing to do with it and told me everything was going to do was give her xxxblackbook a kiss. Despite the pressures that said this is all she would. I finished watching it, little thong in her pussy smooth black mini summer skirt and top xxxblackbook with no bra to cover. She looked sexy as hell and I knew that George wants. And I looked, and gave him a kiss and told him to enjoy. was on television to think about what he was doing, the nervous system, sick feeling in your stomach, wonderingg, if I go to see if I could spy. I would not go, and 12 on 00 I heard that two people get drunk in the street. Turned on the lights and went to the balcony to see Kate and George walking down the street, arm in arm, laughing and chatting. accustomed to the door and entered the walled patio in front. At this point he stopped, the period of his return, he went to live and kissed xxxblackbook her passionately. She answered, threw her arms around his neck and ran her hands down her back and ass, lifted her skirt and felt her bare ass cheeks. At this point I realized I was no longer wearing her thong so this obviously is not the first kiss and she will as she said she had gone. up and took her on a low wall, put them on, and saw this game, strong black man slid his hand skates thigh and began rubbing her wet pussy and finger her clit. I could hear her moan and groan, as hethis. Then he watched as she decided that she was and began to undo his belt buckle making, undoing his jeans and pulled his cock rock hard. She gasped when she saw him, and he laughed and said. 'That should be your first black dick ' was, and it was huge, and Kate told him, saying it was much bigger than mine. You started to pet him, surprised by the length and circumference, and then did something he did not expect. She tilted her head and started licking the head of his cock, tasting his precum and savor the taste of his cock. She was fascinated by him, with more and more in your mouth. George said he would xxxblackbook now say it was dirty white bitch good and the way I wanted xxxblackbook to fuck her and make her a bitch black cock. She just moaned and looked at him and said, 'Yes, please. ' stood over him and turned around, turn around and put his hands on the wall. Then he started rubbing his penis up and down her slit soaking wet, so their cries andask to fuck her and her white bitch. Then slowly released his cock into her tight pussy, stretching like never before had been stretched, and she began to moan, as I have heard more than ever filled with big black cock her. He retired slowly and then began again, slipping in a little more time, and repeated this until I was 10 inches in all of his cock for her. that was when he started to fuck again, fucking her pussy just below the tail now. She moaned like a whore now be screwed hard with his big black cock as much as a real penis and how it felt to take every day until they leave the island to be fucked. He called his dog, and provided their use on the island because it was her pussy, as and when wanted. She was moaning, xxxblackbook 'Yes.. yes... yes... ' all he said as he picked up that 'Fuck she screamed the harder he had never seen wine. He continued to fuck hthat this massive orgasm before seeing his tight ass and groaned as he emptied his seed deep black in it. broke both do not move as his cock slipped from her gaping pussy and started shooting his semen on her thighs. She turned and passionately kissed him and said, 'Thank you now enter. '. She took him by the hand and led him inside. They went into the closet and I heard all night, as he fucked xxxblackbook her in all directions, and made noises that I had never heard of. He gave him his first multiple orgasms and made its first jet to hell, and the first man in the ass. She loved every minute, and we extended our stay to be able to catch him and his gifted black friends. Needless to say, I did not see much in that time. We have had many a good fuck relive their experiences, but frankly I always prefer black white cock... a real black man whore.
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